7 Possible Ways to Decrease Back Pain

There are several reasons why back pain is one of the most common conditions that affect adults. In general, back pain can influence not only your productivity, but it […]

Fat Burning Workout in 15 Minutes

15 Minute Fat Burning Workout
We’ve all been there, rushing home from work/school/errands and running off to do another thing all the while thinking about the fact that we are […]

Tall Lifters’ Ideal Squat

The back squat is a great exercise, but it’s not great for everyone. In many cases, the front squat is a better choice for most tall lifters. Having the […]

Why Men Train Their Glutes

Strong All Over
Talk to a power or strength athlete and ask him what muscles need to be really big and strong in order to be strong all over. The […]

The Entire Strategy of Arm Toning

Arm Toning Exercises
A lot of women and men have been asking me about what exercises best help tone the arms, especially targeting the under arms and the biceps, so […]

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition Guide

Whether you’re a full time athlete or a casual gymgoer, you need to understand the importance of peri workout nutrition: what you eat before and after your workout.

There’s a strong […]

3 Components of a 10-Minute Warm-Up

A good 10-minute warm-up won’t just keep you pain-free and increase your longevity in the gym, it’ll also boost your strength and muscular gains. A quick (but effective) warm-up […]

Coffee Repairs DNA According to Study

Poor Hulk…
If the Hulk, after being belted by gamma rays, had just gone to Starbucks and ordered a nice, grande dark roast, he probably wouldn’t have turned into the […]

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The SMART Approach to Weight Loss

Weight Loss Motivation Tips: Advanced
You’re tired of reading all the same stuff about how to lose weight and some of the fad diets you’ve heard about like the cabbage […]