How to Make Healthy Eating Fun & Sexy

Healthy Eating Made Fun & Sexy
This article has one point, to bring to perspective how healthy eating can not only be fun but sexy too. In fact, there are […]

6 Simple Ideas to Keep Yourself Healthy and Energized


There are people who ‘sleepwalk’ through life. And this isn’t their fault. These unfortunate souls get less than 7 hours of sleep which does little to get rid of […]

Your Diet Should Have These 4 Foods


4 Foods That Should Be Included In Your Diet

Everybody wonders what essential foods should be included in their diet if they want to lose fat and build lean toned […]

5 Tips to Get Ripped Abs


Weight Loss Tips: Ripped Abs Edition
Everyone wants ripped abs because they are so damn hard to get! If you’ve had them before you know how good they feel, and […]

7 Issues Why You’re Not Losing Weight


Have you been watching every calorie, denying yourself all the things you love to eat the most—and are still not seeing any results? If you’ve been dieting and following […]

When Do We Burn More Calories?



When it comes to weight gain, what you eat clearly matters.But a small, preliminary study now suggests that when you eat also matters, with people burning off more calories […]

How to Lose Fat


The misconception: 

People often think that low-intensity exercise, in which your body taps into fat metabolism, is the most efficient way to lose body fat. Some cardio machine displays even claim that you’re […]

Weight Training for Coping With Stress


When it comes to cortisol and strength training, most athletes are worried about raising cortisol and exacerbating the stress response. However, studies show that if you program your strength […]

10 Obesity-Causing Foods


Here’s the bad news: Obesity rates are increasing. A new study found that nearly 40 percent of American adults are obese. That’s a huge jump—up from 33 percent in […]

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Women

It’s time to round up the healthy meals section of the healthy diet plan for women series before we get into smart snacks and in depth supplement suggestions, how […]