Fitness Insights

Exercises to Build Athletic Core Strength


Fill in the strength gaps left by traditional core exercises with these two rotational moves.

Two-Point Cable Rotation
This exercise, which involves two positions that can be done as a superset […]

5 Tips to Get Ripped Abs


Weight Loss Tips: Ripped Abs Edition
Everyone wants ripped abs because they are so damn hard to get! If you’ve had them before you know how good they feel, and […]

The Proper Hand Position When You Perform Push-ups


Is your hand position correct when you perform the push-up? 
Are you aware that improper hand position will bleed you of power? 
Do you know that proper hand […]

Keep Your Back Safe and Strong By Avoiding These Two Mistakes


If you’ve gained a certain level of experience with weight training so far, you’re most likely aware of the vulnerability of your back, or more particularly the spine. This […]

7 Issues Why You’re Not Losing Weight


Have you been watching every calorie, denying yourself all the things you love to eat the most—and are still not seeing any results? If you’ve been dieting and following […]

Improve Your Deadlift Strength in 4 Ways


If you have any weightlifting/bodybuilding experience, you’re most likely familiar with deadlifts! A deadlift is a highly effective weight training exercise where the bar is lifted to your hips […]

When Do We Burn More Calories?



When it comes to weight gain, what you eat clearly matters.But a small, preliminary study now suggests that when you eat also matters, with people burning off more calories […]

How to Lose Fat


The misconception: 

People often think that low-intensity exercise, in which your body taps into fat metabolism, is the most efficient way to lose body fat. Some cardio machine displays even claim that you’re […]

The Important Factor for Building Muscle


Sleep plays an important role in your physical health and is essential for building muscle and/or loosing weight. The best diet and workout routine won’t do anything to your […]

Improve Your Mobility, Functionality and Physique with These 5 Challenges


If you’re not challenging yourself regularly, you could be leaving some extra gains on the table, especially when it comes to structural integrity. Challenges expose weaknesses, build mettle, and […]