So you’ve been hitting the gym for years now, pounding on weights and dumbbells, doing push-ups and sit-ups, you’ve been on strict diet compliance and you’ve been buying supplements (maybe even ours…) just to get those well-toned muscles, 6 pack abs and look fab! But now it’s time for you to reveal your hard work to the world… and take an awesome muscle selfie.

Selfies are also actually a great tool to keep track of your progress, so you don’t have to share them. By taking a picture in the locker room or in front of your bedroom mirror, little do you realize you’re creating a photo time-lapse of your fitness journey. Those pictures will actually be a reminder of how you started and how far you’ve come when you feel unmotivated on some days.

So how do you take the best selfie to show off your muscles to your current friends and future self…?

Step 1: Get Some Good Light

Good light is means good photos. Your position, the direction you face in relation to the light source all matters. Natural light always gives the best outcome when you don’t have professional lighting, it adds vibrancy and looks more real. Sharp light shows of tones more than soft light, so wait for the sun to come directly through the window or stand near a lamp. With the right manipulation of light and shadow, you can bring greater emphasis to chiseled muscles that you’ve been working so hard on!

Step 2: It’s All About the Angle

Next to lighting, the next big influencer is the angle. For progress photos, head-on, direct shots from the front, back and sides are best to get the most honest portrayal of your body. So do those for honest progress, and angles to cheat!

Step 3: Get Pumped.  

Straight after a workout your muscles are at their most inflated as they are full of blood. So this is the perfect time to look swole! And of course, don’t forget to tense up.

Step 4: Confidence is Very Important

Some guys might find taking selfies a little awkward, and believe me, your discomfort will show! That’s basic body language. Just be confident! Placing your hands on your hips may help, as well as giving better emphasis on your triceps and deltoids.

Step 5: Selfie Sticks, Monopods and Photo Timers Are Definitely In

Getting a good distance between you and the camera doesn’t just give you an expanded view of your backdrop, it stops your selfie looking all zoomed up as well! This will distort your features and can be unflattering. Not got a selfie stick? Find the perfect spot for your camera or prop it on a tripod and let the countdown timer do it’s thing.

Step 6: For Progress Photos – Keep the Same Conditions

For an accurate reflection of your visual progress, keeping the conditions the same is very important. Choose your “selfie outfit” and use it each time you take snapshots after a few weeks or so (let’s hope you wash them between pictures!), take selfies at the same time of the day, same lighting, same angle, same background – you’ll definitely capture the changes over time!

Step 7: Spice Things Up …And Be Yourself!

Whether you’re taking selfies to keep track of your progress or to show them on social media, it is always important to be yourself. Show off your passion for your lifestyle, take selfies in different places with different backdrops, or with gym buddies. Keep them interesting to keep your online followers hooked!

Now, time for you to get your camera and start taking your muscle selfie… Have fun!