Avocado Burger? You Bet!

Goodbye avocado toast. Hello avocado burger!

If you have an Instagram account and you follow food trends, you have probably seen the latest avocado way to eat avocado — as a bun for your favorite burger.

Just search “avocado burger” on Google or Instagram and thousands of images and recipes will come up in your search results.

Simply put, an avocado burger is a burger made with avocado halves instead of a bread-based bun. They’re also topped with sesame seeds — just because you can? Don’t worry plant-based eaters, some of these burgers are even vegan! The only downside to this food innovation is that you will get very messy trying to hold this burger. Fear not, you can always use a fork and knife.

How do you make avocado buns? First, prepare the insides of your burgers, whether it is a beef, turkey or veggie patty.  To make the avo bun,  slice an avocado in half, lengthwise and remove the seed. Peel off the skin on all the avocado halves and sprinkle with white sesame seeds. A tip to help the avocado stay in place is to put lettuce in between the avocado and your patty.

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