4 Super Foods for Active People

Super Foods for Athletes
Lately I’ve been highlighting a ton of articles on nutrition and even supplementation because when it comes down to it, diet is such a critical component […]

What’s the Best Workout, Morning or Evening?

Some lifters choose to train in the morning while others opt for evening workouts. Who’s got the edge in strength and hypertrophy?

The Debate
There’s always been a debate about whether […]

High-Protein Muffins Recipe

Combine the classic goodness of peanut butter with fresh strawberries and you won’t be able to stop at one. But that’s the beauty of this recipe. Two or three […]

The Lower-Back Stretch You Should Avoid

Lifters often develop tight hip flexors which cause a slight anterior pelvic tilt. This, in turn, causes tightness in the lower back.

The natural assumption is to stretch out the […]

Cortisol and Its Role

Cortisol Confusion
People are confused by cortisol and its role when it comes to leanness. On one hand, it’s a hormone that should increase fat loss. It actually plays a […]

Avocado Burger – A Must Try!

Avocado Burger? You Bet!

Goodbye avocado toast. Hello avocado burger!

If you have an Instagram account and you follow food trends, you have probably seen the latest avocado way to eat […]

3 Cues of Bench Press

The bench press is arguably the most technical lift of the big three in powerlifting. Granted, everyone has their best and worst lift, so this argument could vary from […]

How to Become a Fast Runner

There is no doubt that if a runner regularly hits the hills, they get stronger, more powerful, and ultimately faster. I am all about speed! However, you should vary […]

A Protein that Fix Tendons and Joints

A New Use for Hydrolyzed Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that’s been made from animal bone and cartilage. What they do is collect the leftover bones from slaughterhouses and abuse […]

The Facts about Apple Cider Vinegar

Michelle Arnold/EyeEm / Getty

Pucker up. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) may be part of the secret to losing some of those extra pounds—and clearing up hair, skin, and teeth […]