Ten Biggest Coaching Lessons

To be more successful, a coach has to make other people more successful.
Over the last 10 years, I have presented around the world about coaching.   This weekend taught […]

8 Rules to Recover From Injury

Tragedy Strikes
It happened in the spring of 2017. I was playing basketball in a brand new pair of shoes, on a concrete court, for the first time in months, […]

4 Ways to Save Money While Eating Well

The Best Ways to Save Money While Eating Well
It’s a new year, and with that comes New Year’s resolutions. If there’s one resolution lots of people can get […]

How to Hammer Your Hamstrings

2:1 Accentuated Eccentrics
Accentuated means “emphasized.” And eccentric is the lowering phase or the “negative” of the lift. Many lifters miss out on the benefits of eccentric overload or a […]

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The Alcohol’s Effect on Your Workout?

Winter is here. It’s cold outside—often cold and snowy and/or rainy enough to dissuade most people from extensive outdoor activities—and extremely warm indoors. Families are getting together, companies are […]

Bird Dog Exercise – Why You Should Add it to Your Routine

Do you know the bird dog? While, at first glance, this bodyweight exercise may not seem very challenging, its magic is definitely in the quality of the execution!

Want to […]

Paleo Diet vs Neolithic Diet

I have to admit, the concept behind the paleo diet is downright beautiful. It’s so nice and tidy, romantic even. And the rules are so clearly defined! What to […]

Keto Meatloaf Recipe

Keto Meatloaf

It’s comfort food season, and it doesn’t get more quintessential than meatloaf. The goodness of grass-fed beef with the rich flavor of onions and Primal Kitchen Steak Sauce […]

Arnold’s Shoulder-blasting Finisher

What Is It: 

The Arnold press—made famous by seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger—is a compound movement that combines a dumbbell shoulder press with a rotation at the bottom. But here, […]