Many people struggle with meditation, and they feel odd at the thought of sitting in a silent room, doing absolutely nothing but focusing on their breath! However, most of them change their mind after trying meditation and learning about the numerous benefits it has to offer. Matthieu Ricard, a Buddhist monk, said that the physical and mental benefits of meditation are backed by the latest neuroscientific findings that highlight ways in which it can profoundly transform our adult brain.

While juggling a full-time corporate job and other life pursuits, if you find yourself falling vulnerable to panic attacks, anxiety, lack of focus, creative blocks and fatigue, you can change the game by devoting 10 minutes a day to meditation. Here’s how it helps you lead a wholesome life.

1.Releases tension, stress and anxiety

Stress is the killer! We have all heard it. People shift the blame to their demanding jobs and life for increased anxiety, stress, and tension. However, in reality, it comes from within. Daily meditation helps in lowering cortisol to a great extent, which in turn balances out stress. People who practiced this for only a month have experienced better coping mechanisms. Meditation calms the mind and helps an individual develop a solution-driven thinking pattern.

2.Reduces and gradually eliminates fear

Most holistic healers and even doctors claim FEAR stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real.” A tremendous amount of stress generated from hectic and sedentary lifestyle or any deep trauma keeps the body in an alert zone 24×7. It results in excess fear and recurrent panic attacks. By following simple meditation techniques, people can get deep into their mind and find out what lies beneath their fear. Meditation has also been effective in healing childhood trauma by training the mind to forget, forgive and let go of past. If you want, you can opt for Alan Watts audio mp3 that is available online as a start to your meditation journey.

3.Brings in immense health benefits

Anxiety-driven high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, body cramps and other health issues get resolved or reduced to a great extent through meditation. Saying yes to those daily 10 minutes can help you have an enhanced immune system. It also prevents and reduces ailments such as arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, inflammatory disorders, blood-related disorders, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and insomnia.

4.Enhances creativity and sharpens the mind

Creativity thrives when the mind is free of fear and all dense energies. By reducing and ultimately eliminating fear, meditation boosts creative imagination and induces conviction to delve further into it. “Thinking out of the box” becomes a reality for a mind free of fear. That aside, meditation also sharpens focus, maximizes memory retention, enhances cognitive thinking, and leads to fast information processing.

Zen monks and new age meditation experts assert that like the core of the sea, the mind needs to be silent, still and free from noise to manage the external turbulent waves. Today, depression, PTSD, and loneliness are acute mental setbacks that need an in-depth healing approach. Committing 10 minutes a day to meditation in the morning or evening can enhance your life significantly.


via Tabata Times