Supplements have essentially become a routine part of twenty first century living. There are an endless list of Vitamins, Omega Oils and Amino Acids being touted (just to name a few!) promising everything from helping to boost one’s immunity, to hastening the process of muscle building, to shedding off excess weight and even to aiding in the recovery from certain diseases. While some people are lax with their health or overall physique, there is an increasing trend of people who are meticulous with their health, of how well-toned their body is and of how well they look and feel. With this desire to maintain one’s overall health, people have resorted to exercise, healthy eating and taking supplements on a daily basis.

But did you know that some supplements contain hidden fillers that can be detrimental to your health? Which is the reason why you may have to be a bit more meticulous when choosing the supplements that are supposed to be helping you…

So What Are Fillers?

Filers are additives added into supplements for easier and faster production; make the preparation more appealing to the eyes and to make supplement preparations easier to swallow. It’s more for the supplement companies benefit than your own.

4 Fillers to Keep A Look Out For

1 – Hydrogenated Oils

These oils are often healthy in their natural state, but are quickly turned into poisons through the manufacturing and processing they undergo. Examples include partially hydrogenated soybean oil, palm, sunflower or corn oil. These get heated from 500 to 1000 degrees and a catalyst like nickel, platinum or even aluminum is injected into the oil for several hours. The oil now becomes thicker and denser, but when ingested it has the same effect on your blood, making it a lot harder to pump throughout the body. Among the effects are High Blood Pressure, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ADHD. Hydrogenated Oils are usually added to other oil based softgels like Cod Liver Oil, but can also be found in Calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

2 -Talc or Magnesium Silicate

A powder used as a deodorant which is widely used as a cheap filler and anti-caking agent in supplements. This has a similar composition to asbestos and can cause lung problems when inhaled.

3 – Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Oxide is a mineral widely used as a pigment or colorant and is used for the same reason in many cosmetics. However, according to research, exposure to metal (along with other metals) can lead to the suppression of immunity and body functionality.  Among the negative effects from long term exposure are inflammation and damage; kidney damage, small intestine inflammation, Crohn’s disease and Gluten sensitivity when taken internally.

4 – Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are used to make the packaging more appealing thus, making it more saleable. Some artificial colors are derived from toxic coal tar which is used for roofing, as an outdoor sealant, exterior paint and heating to name a few. Too much intake of this is linked to cancer and hyperactivity in children.

So when making that purchase, always make sure to double check the contents and question the unpronounceable ingredients you weren’t expecting. To ensure they are truly free from fillers, just go with ones that have the fewest ingredients listed! Your body will thank you in the long run.

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