Glutamine is among the supplements used by primarily bodybuilders to preserve muscle tissue. It is known as a conditionally essential amino acid for being used by the body in large amounts.  Aside from its main muscle preserving effects, Glutamine offers more incredible health benefits that support the immune system, digestive system and nervous system that could be beneficial to everyone.

Among the common goals for Glutamine consumption is to burn fat and to build muscle. With regular intake, a person’s metabolism is improved and cellular detoxification is promoted. The craving for sugar and alcohol (which are definitely a No-No in a cutting down diet!) are also curbed effectively by the supplement.

But did you know that a deficiency in glutamate can possibly lead to digestive problems?

The natural glutamine in your body regularly acts to protect the lining of the intestines and stomach. Studies suggest that people with gastrointestinal problems including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease are caused by insufficient Glutamine in a person’s intestines. This can contribute to weight loss and muscle mass loss. L-Glutamine supplementation is considered a natural way of restoring the gut linings integrity and digestive wellness.

Studies have revealed how this amino acid can help with the treatment of leaky gut and overall health improvement. According to Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Glutamine helps with dividing cells, boosting up cell volume and antioxidant status as well as provides nutritional support for the synthesis of RNA and DNA for cellular multiplication. This is vital for maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

How does glutamine help with digestion and gut health?

Little do we know that Glutamine actually plays an important role in the health of everything from the pancreas to the liver, or from the mouth to the oesophagus. And all these parts have an impact with digestion and gut health! It helps with the absorption in the gut that basically aids in hydrating the body, which is undeniably necessary for good health. With sufficient Glutamine, the entire digestive process runs much more smoothly.

Given the connection between Gut health and General health, strengthening the gut with L-Glutamine can give you the following benefits:

  • Immune system improvement

  • Reduced allergies

  • Improved absorption of nutrients

If you want to make the most of L-Glutamine, make certain that you take supplements without additives that can irritate an already sensitive gut! Consult your physician for the proper dosage especially when you are suffering from a leaky gut, digestive problems and other underlying conditions. But glutamine will be high on their list!

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