Does working out drain you out of strength? Ever feel that training leaves you with sore muscles and tired? By now you can probably tell how intense training decreases your strength, stamina and recovery. Tiredness is expected, feeling worn out is not.

You could be a Pro with rudimentary understanding of the sport, a beginner ready to get going, or you could be just an ordinary folk wanting to get an up and about physique and a good immune system! Sure you’ve heard of and even tried supplements that will give you a boost. Much needed, especially when you are looking to grow muscles! But really, how well do you know these products? You’ve probably heard a few things about L-Glutamine supplements, but how does they work?

Glutamine is the most common amino acid that makes up over 61% of skeletal muscle. Hence, glutamine is greatly used and depleted during intense training and returns to normal levels about 6 days later. It is a known fact that protein is a building nutrient to most tissues in the body. It is also the key to gaining muscle, and Glutamine the key to protein synthesis. Thus, with the depletion of Glutamine, protein synthesis is compromised. This is where L-Glutamine can play an essential role for your body without you having to give up on your training sessions.

L-Glutamine is not for you to gain more muscle but to maintain Glutamine in your body and boost your immune system while you undergo training. Remember, Glutamine is also essential for the immune system and whilst it is depleted during workout, your immune system becomes compromised. The last thing you want to be is sick!

But that’s not all, L-Glutamine also helps with:

  • Protein Metabolism – Protein and amino acid synthesis
  • Cell Volumization and Hydration – Speeds up healing and recovery
  • Anti-Catabolism – Minimize the occurrence of hard-earned muscle breakdown
  • Increase the ability to secrete Growth Hormone – Metabolize body fat and support new muscle growth
  • Maintenance of the bowels structural integrity

Now that you know what L-Glutamine can do for you, the next worry you might have would be the price, the formulation, the taste. Raw Barrel has all that covered! Raw Barrel’s No Bull L-Glutamine is formulated, tested and laboratory proven safe from fake fillers, pure, clean and definitely the quality you deserve. We don’t add any bull, just the real stuff! To make it even more enticing, it comes in a flavorless and easy to dissolve powder form that you can enjoy with your favourite beverage.

These being said, you should by now have an introduction to how important Glutamine is, not only for bodybuilder’s, but for everyone – both for immune system response and intestinal function. So what are you waiting for?

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Remember that supplements do not replace proper diet and exercise but when used with the right training and weight loss program may help you make faster progress towards your weight loss goals. Also please remember that before taking on a training and supplementation program always consult with your physician first.