Natural Bodybuilding

Video: Golden Era Posing

Check out this video of Golden Era Posing by Armz Korleone.

Video: 5 Years of Natural Bodybuilding

Check out this video of Matt Ogus. THis is what he gets from 5 years of natural bodybuilding.

Natural Bodybuilding or Not?

This is a discussion about who really cares whether you're into natural bodybuilding or not. Watch this video.

Should TRT Be Allowed in Natural Bodybuilding?

Watch this video as Marc Lobliner discusses the uses of TRT in natural bodybuilding.

Ulisses Jr – “Natural Bodybuilding” Fraud Discovered

When the words “natural bodybuilder” pops up, a few well-known names comes to mind, with Ulisses JR being one of them. For a long time now, Ulisses Jr has […]

How Natural Bodybuilder Chet Yorton beat Arnold Schwarzeneggar

A surprising defeat for the Austrian Oak.

For the most part there are two different factions that make up the bodybuilding community. There are bodybuilders who use gear, or steroids, […]

6 Ways to Recognize A Natural Bodybuilder

If you already know how to spot steroid-users, it’s much easier to recognize whether lifters around you use steroids — without even questioning. However, there are also factors that […]

Donte Franklin is All Natural

Gear or no gear?

Building massive muscle is no simple task. It takes a lot of dedication to continuously make gains over an extended period of time. While many individuals […]

Indigenous Natural Bodybuilding – What It Takes To Be A Champion

What it takes to be an Indigenous natural bodybuilding champion

“”Chronic disease is a worry for our mob,”” says Rhonda Purcell.

Meet Rhonda Purcell: an Indigenous natural bodybuilding champion. She’s 46-years-old […]

Steroids or Natural Bodybuilding – The choice is yours

Those of you who have been lifting for some time have probably found yourselves in the middle of a “steroid versus natural” argument at some point. Without even realising […]