Try this 30-Minute Workout With a Partner


Ever do a workout and think: wow, that was so fun I want to share it with EVERYONE I KNOW?

Well, that’s exactly what this partner workout was like for […]

All About the Basics of Self-Care

Image via Pexels


“Self-care” is a buzzy term that encapsulates all the things we do to maintain optimal mental and physical health. If you’ve been through a tough time in […]

Fitness and Nutrition Tips for Busy Professionals

Let’s face it: most of us know what we need to do to better our health—whether that be exercising more regularly, cleaning up our diets, getting more sleep, or […]

How to Balance Fitness & Friends


Odds are at least some of your friends don’t track their food and train consistently like you do. As a result, how they approach social events and time management […]

Burn Extra Calories With These Exercises

Blink and summer will be here. Depending on where you live, it may already have come (or perhaps it never leaves!). Whatever the temperature is, if you want to […]

Change Your Life with 10 Minutes of Meditation Daily


Many people struggle with meditation, and they feel odd at the thought of sitting in a silent room, doing absolutely nothing but focusing on their breath! However, most of […]

Your Diet is Vital to Achieve Your Fitness Goals


You may have heard some version of the saying “a fit body is made in the kitchen.”

While your training choices play a big role in your ability to accomplish […]

The 6 Stages of Change


From Sedentary to Dedicated Lifter
Back in 2005, Chris Shugart wrote about something he called “the transition.” He said there are two types of people in gym:
Type 1
The person who’s […]

Small Goals for Big Change

Historically, I’m not good at setting goals—any goals. Recently, I was bemoaning my frustration about a hurt ankle and poor diet to a friend. She told me that I […]

How to Find the Right Coach


There are nearly 37,000 gyms in the U.S. as of 2016, and over 66 million Americans made over 5.5 billion visits to those gyms in that year alone. Why, […]