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How to Get Relief from Back Pain

Nobody likes to get muscle spasms, period.

It can be downright painful, sometimes even inducing nausea. You might have injured yourself some time back and wondering why suddenly you […]

The Right Way to Do the Leg Extension Exercise

The leg extension exercise is essential when trying to build muscle in your quads. When it comes to burning calories and building muscle, no day is as important as […]

What Will You Gain from Strength Training

When we first think of strength training, the gains that come to mind are typically restricted to the gym: following a progressive overload program allows us to lift more […]

The Dark Side of Iron

One thing I’ve realized being in this game for so long is that if you’re convinced that meat truly is deadly, you’re not going to stop looking for reasons […]

Weight Machines – How It All Began

“We live in a technological age, and the exercise machines being designed and manufactured today are better than ever. But your muscles were designed by evolution to overcome the […]

How to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep

Your sleeping patterns could be slowing you down from achieving your fitness and body composition goals. Many of us have heard the 8-hour rule for sleep that deals with […]

Ab Workout on an Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball Ab Workout
There are a lot of reasons many of us dislike the whole ab workout day, many times we get back pain or pinched nerves in our […]

20 High-Protein Vegetables that Makes Muscle Grow

Let’s get right to it. Here is a list of 20 high-protein vegetables. In addition to this list, I’d highly recommend you see my post on the 2 x […]

Increase Your Muscle Tone while Dealing with Boredom

How to Deal with Workout Boredom
If you’re training 4-5 times a week and doing the same routine for months on end, then boredom to your workout routine is inevitable. […]

The Swiss Ball Leg Curl – Not as Easy as it Looks

Swiss ball leg curls are also known as supine hip extension with leg curls – SHELC for short. You probably don’t do these because you think they look easy. […]