Tofu Avocado Scramble Wrap Recipe

Seasoned with anti-inflammatory turmeric and metabolism-boosting cayenne, this tofu avocado scramble is a flavor-packed way to start a busy day. You can even use the extra spice mixture as […]

Keto Meatloaf Recipe

Keto Meatloaf

It’s comfort food season, and it doesn’t get more quintessential than meatloaf. The goodness of grass-fed beef with the rich flavor of onions and Primal Kitchen Steak Sauce […]

Healthy Dinner Ideas for Women

It’s time to round up the healthy meals section of the healthy diet plan for women series before we get into smart snacks and in depth supplement suggestions, how […]

Macro-Friendly Mac n’ Cheese w/ Bacon & Beef Recipe

Macro-Friendly Mac n’ Cheese w/ Bacon & Beef

Full disclosure, folks, I am going through a fat cut right now, and I’ve been dying to eat copious amounts of pasta: […]

Raspberry Toast Recipe

Raspberry Toast

Makes 1 serving



1 slice Ezekiel or gluten-free bread

1 Tbsp. coconut or almond yogurt

1/4 cup raspberries

1 tsp. honey

1 Tbsp. unsweetened coconut flakes



1. Toast the bread.

2. Combine all ingredients on […]

Guide to Making a Great Grain Bowl


Packing a lunch is never fun. Either you get stuck with leftovers, a boring sandwich or salad, or you have to pay too much to go out for food! Well, […]

Meal Plan for Weight Loss

The Fat Loss Diet
This article is written for those who are strictly looking to lose fat with their diet. It must be warned that you may also see a […]

3 Healthy Lunch Recipes

Healthy Lunch Ideas
Probably the easiest time to fall of our healthy eating plan is lunch time. We’re usually running around and busy with work or errands so our body […]

The Cheap Way to Lose Weight

Everyone that is overweight goes under strict regimes to lose some pounds, but the yo-yo diets usually do not work once you finish dieting. That is because you are […]

Vegan Turmeric Banana-Mango Lassi Recipe

Sweet, creamy, tangy mango lassi’s are a staple at Indian restaurants and so beautifully balance spicy, savory dishes. Because I like super spicy food, having a cooling beverage alongside […]