5 Habits that’ll Make the Most Out of Your Workout

In a perfect world, you would listen to every single thing your trainer asks you to do and life would be magical and wonderful. But we don’t live in […]

High-Fat Diets are not Good for Your Gut Microbiome

Has a high-fat meal ever left you feeling bloated and sluggish? It turns out that a heavier fat diet may keep the many bacteria that live in your digestive […]

Recommended Diet for College Students

We received this question from a reader:
Can you recommend a diet for college students with a low budget?
Here’s the Answer
While you didn’t describe the type of diet you’re interested […]

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Your Genes May Tell If You’re Prone to Excess Weight

A large, new study has uncovered 24 genetic variations that help separate the apple-shaped people from the pear-shaped ones.Researchers said the findings help explain why some people are prone […]

How to Gain Muscle Fast

Gain Muscle Fast
Whether you are male or female with colder weather coming there is no time better than now for you to gain muscle fast by following the fundamentals […]

Video: Powerlifting Cues and What They Mean

These are some of our favorite cues to improve technique and performance in the deadlift.

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The Importance of Ankle Mobility

It’s been a while since I posted but to get back into the swing things in 2019, I am going to kick it off big with a series of […]

How to Correct the Lower Back and Hips

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A few weeks ago my good friend and author of Day by Day: The Personal Trainer’s Blueprint to Achieving Ultimate Success, Kevin Mullins, wrote an […]

Strength Training Guide for Beginners

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Whatever the reason you want to learn to lift — lose weight, build a […]