Workout for Building Bigger BICEPS

This is the third part of my new dumbbell workout video series covering home gym workouts that you can do with minimal equipment. I get a lot of requests […]

Foods for Better Digestion

Our digestive systems are as unique as the people who have them! Being responsible for absorbing essential nutrients and eliminating waste, they play an important role in our overall […]

The Right Muscle Pain Treatment for You

Muscle Pain Treatment
One of the biggest problems keeping most of us back from complete and total success with our training plan is muscle pain and often many of us […]

Great Indoor Conditioning Options

Ahhh, cardio… Anyone who knows me knows that it’s definitely not my favorite thing in the world. While I’d often much rather be ripping some heavy weight off the […]

5 Tricks to Make Life Easier at the Gym

1 – For deadlifts, use a small plate to load and unload the bar.

Ever feel like you’re wasting energy loading up the bar for a heavy set of deadlifts? […]

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The Benefits of Planks and Pushups

30 Tips in 30 Days Designed to Help You Take Control of Your

This article is included in Dr. Mercola’s All-Time Top 30 Health Tips series. Every day during the […]

Unlike Men, Women’s Body Size Influence Longevity

Every extra 30 minutes of daily physical activity was linked with a 5 percent increase in the odds of turning 90, the investigators found.For women, however, those who were […]

Fried Foods Could be Deadly

Fried chicken, french fries and chicken-fried steak might be delicious, but treating yourself to such fare regularly could be deadly, a new study warns.

Women who eat more than one […]

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