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Guide to be a Powerlifter

Rack Height

In our previous episode, we talked about preparation for meet day and things to consider while getting ready for your first meet and when you’re packing. In this […]

Men Always Make These 5 Workout Mistakes

You’ve been training hard and eating clean for some time. You have a thirst for knowledge and absorb every bit of information you can find. But look back to […]

Ten Biggest Coaching Lessons

To be more successful, a coach has to make other people more successful.
Over the last 10 years, I have presented around the world about coaching.   This weekend taught […]

8 Rules to Recover From Injury

Tragedy Strikes
It happened in the spring of 2017. I was playing basketball in a brand new pair of shoes, on a concrete court, for the first time in months, […]

Boost Your Brain’s Ability by Walking

Walking and other types of moderate exercise may help turn back the clock for older adults who are losing their mental sharpness, a new clinical trial finds.The study focused […]

How to Make Your Abs Visible

Anybody who was picked on in school knows what abdominal bracing is all about. Physiologists know it as just a static contraction of the musculature, but for the bullied […]

How to Make Healthy Eating Fun & Sexy

Healthy Eating Made Fun & Sexy
This article has one point, to bring to perspective how healthy eating can not only be fun but sexy too. In fact, there are […]

When Your Delts Get Little Attention


Despite the fact that lots of guys include rear delt work, they usually initiate the exercises with the traps and rhomboids, so the poor little posterior delts get very […]

6 Simple Ideas to Keep Yourself Healthy and Energized


There are people who ‘sleepwalk’ through life. And this isn’t their fault. These unfortunate souls get less than 7 hours of sleep which does little to get rid of […]

Fitness Plan for Every Women



Your Goal: A Fit Woman
I couldn’t run a surprise update for the men’s workout plans and not do the same for you ladies now could I? After all I […]