Arnold’s Shoulder-blasting Finisher

What Is It: 

The Arnold press—made famous by seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger—is a compound movement that combines a dumbbell shoulder press with a rotation at the bottom. But here, […]

Boost Your Brain’s Ability by Walking

Walking and other types of moderate exercise may help turn back the clock for older adults who are losing their mental sharpness, a new clinical trial finds.The study focused […]

Start Seeing Results in No Time with these Core Exercises

Core Workout Made Easy
We use our core muscles in almost every single movement and the core becomes particularly important if you are training with weights or participating in any […]

The Classic Lift

I train the good morning and the stiff-leg deadlift with completely different modalities. I find that the stiff-leg deads were something I could push the loading on, but I […]

15-Minute Upper Body Workout

This is 15-minute upper body workout that you can do at home or the gym with only a pair of dumbbells. Follow prenatal and low impact modifications in the […]

6 Training Strategies


There’s an old saying in the training biz, which I first heard from the late Charles Poliquin. It goes something like this:


“A training program is only as effective as […]

When Your Delts Get Little Attention


Despite the fact that lots of guys include rear delt work, they usually initiate the exercises with the traps and rhomboids, so the poor little posterior delts get very […]

Fitness Plan for Every Women



Your Goal: A Fit Woman
I couldn’t run a surprise update for the men’s workout plans and not do the same for you ladies now could I? After all I […]

5-Minute Core Fix


Let’s look at the three types of core strength:

Isometric: Holding a certain position for time with tension.
Anti-Rotational: Being able to resist an external force trying to pull you out […]

How to Obtain a Great Upper Chest

Sure, the incline bench press helps, but you need to add something else to your inclines to really build the clavicular head. Info here.

The flat bench press can be […]