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4 Dangerous Hidden Fillers Found In Your Supplements

Supplements have essentially become a routine part of twenty first century living. There are an endless list of Vitamins, Omega Oils and Amino Acids being touted (just to name […]

The 7 Steps To Become A Muscle Selfie Pro

So you’ve been hitting the gym for years now, pounding on weights and dumbbells, doing push-ups and sit-ups, you’ve been on strict diet compliance and you’ve been buying supplements […]

How Many BCAA’s Do We Really Need?

Have you been thinking of adding BCAA’s to the supplements that you are taking? In the last few years, BCAA’s have become a big hit following the positive reviews […]

Glutamine And Your Gut

Glutamine is among the supplements used by primarily bodybuilders to preserve muscle tissue. It is known as a conditionally essential amino acid for being used by the body in […]

Can I Give My Dog Creatine?

Sure you’ve heard about creatine, you’ve probably even taken it yourself, or at least heard some of your gym friends talk about it. If not, the benefits of taking […]

Do You Really Need To Load Creatine?

Sure you’ve heard about creatine loading and have probably wondered about it being a fact or myth. Everyone who takes creatine monohydrate wants to make the most of it, […]

When to Take Creatine

Are you into bodybuilding? Do you engage in intense workouts? If so, you must be familiar with the supplements necessary to help you through the tiredness and aid in […]

What is Glutamine & How Does It Work?

Does working out drain you out of strength? Ever feel that training leaves you with sore muscles and tired? By now you can probably tell how intense training decreases […]

5 No Bull Workout Recipes Everyone Should Be Eating

Getting ready to hit the gym? Make sure you have these 5 No Bull recipes on hand to fuel your workout.
So What’s the Difference Between Eating Pre and Post […]

Creatine & Me: One Man’s Journey

Creatine & Me: One Man’s Journey
By guest blogger and fitness consultant Mike Jones
Creatine is one of those “must haves” for guys like me who are looking to build lean, healthy […]